What does THE THIN RED LINE mean to you?  If you've been in the fire service for more than a minute, you are very aware of THE THIN RED LINE.  If not, take a second to read this post, and get up to speed.

In the fire service you'll find a COMMON THREAD.  In fact, if you look closely, you'll find many.  HONOR, RESPECT, PRIDE, BROTHERHOOD...just to name a few.  Granted, you could probably relate these terms to many professions.  However, how many professions truly live and die by their creed.  The answer is simple...not many!  

Every morning, when a Firefighter starts their shift, there is a universal understanding.  Most of you know exactly what I am talking about, I really don't need to mention it, but I will.  We all know that at any given moment, for a variety of could all end.  Why would any level headed person put themselves in that position?  God knows it's not for the money.  In fact, most Firefighters volunteer, they literally do this for $0.  So, what is it?  What could possibly drive a person to willingly put it all on the line for a complete stranger, not once, but every single day?  I'll tell ya, you're not going to find the answer here. You see, most of us, somewhere along the line found a passion for the fire service.  It's THE COMMON THREAD.  It might have come from that station tour in grade school, maybe a life changing experience one evening after a terrible car wreck, etc..  Whatever the reason, you HAVE IT.  If you don't, GET IT.  If you wont, GET OUT!  I mean it, leave, QUIT.  You're a cancer, and you aren't welcome in this "brotherhood".  There's no room for those that aren't willing.  

To sum it up...THE THIN RED LINE isn't a just a phrase or statement.  THE THIN RED LINE is a way of life.  A CALLING!  If you have the passion or share the values that make up THE COMMON THREAD that weaves through every Firefighter, well, then you are THE THIN RED LINE.  



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