Made by a Firefighter for Firefighters!!! Display with PRIDE your name, engine company, sentiment, etc. Great gift for any firefighter...

For an affordable, "ready to hang" option, choose our traditional 1", black, wooden frame with white cream core (pH neutral) traditional matting.  These frames will look great on any wall!

Our 1", black, frames also come with a RED MATTING (pH neutral) with 4"x6" openings.  These beautiful made in the USA frames with RED MATTING are without a doubt, the best way to display your piece.

They really stand out on the wall, and the RED really "POPS"!  Make a statement with a RED COLLAGE FRAME!! Hey, Chief Bobby Halton liked it, and I am sure you will too!

WE GOT A LASER and its FREAKING AWESOME!!!  Long story short...For a few dollars more, we will LASER ENGRAVE into the matting whatever you want!  Most people do the NAME that they had framed.  Now anyone that walks into the room, will immediately understand what is going on!   This piece says CHIEF SETTLES.  After reading the engraving, it becomes instantly easier for the uninformed to see the SETTLES in Firefighter Letter Art!  This is also makes for a much nicer and more formal gift!  We're really excited about this option, and absolutely expect it to become the STANDARD! Hands down, this is the best way to present your original piece of FIREFIGHTER LETTER ART to anyone as a gift!  You can engrave up to 20 letters!  We can probably find a way to squeeze in more if absolutely necessary!